Model 728
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Model 728 

Width with Stabilizers 84 in. Weight (approx.) 700 lbs. Digging Depth, Limited Lift 72 in.
Width without Stabilizers 31 in. Reach 122 in. Lateral Swing 120 degrees arc
Height to Seat 34 in. Transmission none Engine 7 hp minimum
Height to Controls 42 in. Wheels 14 in. Car Tire Standard Bucket Width 14 in.
Loading Height 64 in. Ripping Power 3000 lb. Slicing Power 2-3 in. oak root
Length Overall 140 in. Digging Depth, Normal 60 in. - -
Length of Frame 80 in. - - - -
NOTICE: as CADplans cannot control the skills of the builder, or the end use of the machine, CADplans makes no warranty stated or implied and the builder must assume all liability for safe construction, safety features and operation of theCADDigger. CADplans is not responsible for typographical errors.
All CADDigger orders include the following:
  • Spiral bound plans, including written instructions, raw material requirements, purchased equipment specifications (generic and part numbers) and photos
  • Instructional video
  • Itemized price lists from the steel and hydraulics vendors with various kit combinations available

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