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Sized for Mini-Diesel tractors and "Super Garden Tractors". 1,000 Pound Machine Weight.
CADPlans has developed model 907,1007 and 1207 loaders sized to fit almost any tractor from the "mini diesel" to 50 HP and they can be built by the homeowner or farmer. NO machining is neessary using only the common hand tools. The Model 907 fits your "mini diesel"; the 1007 fits the 17HP to 25HP and the 1207 fits the 25HP to 50HP tractors. These loaders are all high profile designs giving clearance for the large front tires on 4-wheel tractors, as well as fitting 2-wheel drive tractors. Designed with heavy section materials and greasable bearings, the CADLoaders give you the strength and long life you expect.
With a simple mounting design, these loaders can quickly be attached to your tractor. Assembly with the available kits decreases assembly time to as little as 50 hours. Low cost, easily available components insures simple construction. Three models to choose from lets one of these machines fit your needs. You are quickly productive with a low investment.
CADLoader Model 907 Technical Specifications
Loading Height 52" Hydraulic Flow Recommended 4 GPM Hydraulic Pump Tractor
Lifting Power 800 lbs. Hydraulic Pressure 1,000 PSI   or Optional
Reach 55" Number of Cylinders 4 Oil Tank Optional
Bucket Rolldown Angle 40 degrees Digging Depth, Bucket Level 2" Recommended Tractor Compact Diesel or
Hydraulic Requirement Min. 2 GPM Approx. Cost of Parts $600-$1,000   "Super Garden Tractor"
NOTICE: as CADplans cannot control the skills of the builder, or the end use of the machine, CADplans makes no warranty stated or implied and the builder must assume all liability for safe construction, safety features and operation of theCADDigger. CADplans is not responsible for typographical errors.
All CADLoader orders include the following:
  • Spiral bound plans, including written instructions, raw material requirements, purchased equipment specifications (generic and part numbers) and photos
  • Itemized price lists from the steel and hydraulics vendors with various kit combinations available
Note: The steel kit for the CADLoaders comes 3 ways: (1) material in lengths, (2) pre-cut parts and (3) pre-cut and drilled, ready to weld kit.
Example pricing: CADLoader LT-Model 507 steel kit ranges from $193 to $273 depending upon how much the supplier does. These kits even include a formed bucket shell.
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