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Model 107
newr_8.gif (5163 bytes)CADLoader RT, Model 107
Model 507
CADLoader LT Model 507
Model 907
CADLoader Model 907
Model 1007
CADLoader Model 1007
Model 1207
CADLoader Model 1207
1) Easy to Maneuver - Finger tip control of the 4 hydraulic cylinders and perfect balance make CADLoader nimble enough to scoot where you want it to go - around trees and buildings to places a full size backhoe can't go.
2) Less Expensive - Not only do you save money by building CADLoader, but no trailer is needed. Just hitch it to your car and go!
3) Stores Easily - CADLoader takes just a bit more space than a riding lawnmower.
4) Easy on Your Lawn - CADLoader's stabilizer pads stab into the ground only when digging, while heavy backhoes weighing 20,000 lb. leave ruts, compressed soil and damage to your lawn.
5) Faster - The easy transport of CADLoader will let you complete jobs it can handle while a large machine would still be getting off the trailer.
6) Low Maintenance - With few moving parts and no transmission or drive train, CADLoader can be maintained with a few shots of grease and a quick change of engine oil.
7) More Power - CADLoader gives twice the ripping power of machines that cost 3 times what it will cost you to build CADLoader.
8) Fun to Use - CADLoader lets you do jobs that can't be done by hand and frustrate you when you try to hire a large machine. The low platform height and swivel seat makes getting on and off CADLoader an enjoyable experience.
9) You Built it Yourself! - No special machining equipment required to build CADLoader. You can do it! And when its done you will have a loader you can be proud of.