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CADDigger Model 728

CADDigger Model 728
“People are amazed when I show them how the wheels can be moved from front to back without the use of a conventional jack.”

CADDigger Model 808

CADDigger Model 808
“The most commonly asked question by neighbors is, “How much is it worth?” The answer always is, “Don’t bother to ask... because it isn’t for sale.”

CADLoader Model 907 with 36" Bucket

CADLoader Model 907CADLoader Model 907

CADLoader Model 507

CADLoader Model 507
“Move over John Deere, Statesman, Craftsman and Yardman, here comes the lean, mean Murray machine!”

CADDigger Model 821

CADDigger Model 821
“What a fun and educating experience. I started building it mid-March and completed it mid-June - not bad for after work and weekends....Thank you for such a fun and practical project to build and use.”

CADDigger Model 728

CADDigger Model 728
“It works great. It has really surprised some people with its power. It has to be a good design because it works so great.”

CADDigger Model 608 Converted to Skid Steer

CADDigger Model 608
NOTE: We now offer this as
CADDigger Model 609
CADDigger Model 728
with Grapple Bucket

CADDigger 728 with Grapple Bucket

CADDigger Model 728 &
CADLoader Mocel 907

CADDigger 728 and CADLoader 907

John Richardson's CADDigger 821 with the Super-boom and the CADThumb options

"It works great and a local landscaper drove by while I was unearthing a very large rock in my front yard and stopped to watch.  He was impressed and offered me $7500 for it.  After I turned him down, I gave him
one of your catalogs."

CADDigger 708 and CADLoader 1007
on P. Davidson's Kubota 2910

J. Armstrong's CADTrac 1500 & CADDigger 650

"I added the ROPS and made the bucket to be a quick attach.  I added lights front & back and used MetKit's SuperBoom and Thumb. So far I have been quite pleased with the kit, design, and quality of the parts."

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