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Symbol CADplans' designers use Computer Aided Design tools & techniques, hence the name CADplans. We design with the intent of creating machines practical for the home owner to build, while maintaining lightweight designs for great agility & easy moving.

CADplans has developed fabrication techniques that let you build our products withthe minimum of equipment:

  • a welder
  • steel cutting band saw
  • electric hand drill
  • hand tools
  • use of an acetylene torch (If you do not have a torch, a welding shop can economically supply this service because of the small amount involved.)
Symbol Many people have tried to buy a backhoe or a front end loader, and have found the prices out of reach. Yet, they still need trenches, water & power lines installed, ditches & culverts dug, mulch & earth moved. That's where CADplans offers a solution. Several weekends and you can have a machine to use when you need the digging done, not at some contractor's whim. Today, time is money and the time you spend waiting for somebody else to "fit your project in" costs you dearly.

NOTE: To keep your costs down, CADplans only sells the plans which include

  • the instructions
  • photos
  • material lists
  • plans
  • video (most products)

Price lists are included with the plans for all the parts you need from vendors CADplans has found for you. You will be buying the materials directly from the other vendor, or locally.

Meet John Mikulas, CADplans Chief Design Engineer